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Mind Your Smell: How Burning Candles Can Improve Mental Health

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Cold throw candle image

For many of us, candles are household staple. Often, you can find a candle in every room of the house. Sure, they smell great, but did you know that candles actually have mental health benefits? Here are just a few:

1. Ambiance ~ Consider the last candle you lit- were you preparing for house full of guests? Planning a romantic dinner for two? Unwinding with a luxurious bubble bath after the kids went bed? Candles are a great way to incorporate ambiance into any situation.

2. Memories ~ There's a reason that the smell of pine trees might make you think of Christmas, or why coffee and bacon reminds you of Sunday morning breakfast with the grandparents. Scents are strongly tied to the creation of feeling in the mind and body. Candles are a wonderful way to trigger some of those happy memories.

3. Mood ~ Scents such as vanilla, rose, and lavender are know to elicit a sense of calmness whereas citrus scents are used to invigorate and energize. Burning candles with these properties can help influence our moods and can be helpful for those struggling with anxiety or depression.

4. Sleep ~ Ever struggle with falling asleep after spending an hour on your phone or tablet? Science shows that screens, especially before bed, activate a part of the brain that makes restful sleep harder to achieve. And let's be honest, we could all benefit from some quality shut eye. The rhythmic glow of candlelight can help promote more restful sleep (combined with some relaxing scents)..Zzzzzzz

So the next time you find yourself stressed after a long day or planning a dinner party with friends, think about the mood you want. Don't have a candle that will work for you? Check out our current inventory and stay tuned for new releases and special editions.

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