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The Process

A glimpse into production 

Scent Discovery

Step 1

Dip. Smell. Blend. Repeat.

Before a single drop of wax is poured, we go through an extensive process to curate scents that will resonate with the most diverse preferences.

We often use blotter strips to find the perfect balance of fragrances. This allows us to experiment with different ratios of individual scents, ultimately giving us the most accurate representation of what the final product will smell like.


Step 2

Once we know what scents we want to use we then meticulously test each candle variation to find the best performance and safety possible. We look for burn time, wick performance, cold and hot scent throw and any safety issues.


The Pour

Step 3

Each and every one of our candles are hand-poured in our home. All jars are cleaned before pouring to ensure good adhesion to the sidewalls. Fragrance oils and wax are measured to the gram to guarantee the most precise ratios. Melt temperature, fragrance adding temperature and pour temperature are all carefully tracked to provide the best performing final product. The candles then set up overnight before being prepared for stock.

Final Prep

Step 4

Once our recently poured candles are set-up we then process for stock. Wick centering instruments are removed and wick is trimmed to size for optimal first burn performance. The jar is cleaned of any extra wax. Safety and final product labels are added. Specifically designed lids are the final touch!

Unlabled candles
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