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Candle Care

Read below to find some helpful tips on how to get the best performace and life
out of your candles.

1. Complete Wax Pool - For each burn, ensure the wax melts all the way to the side of the container. Around 4 hours for 9oz candle and 2 hours for 3.5oz tin.

     Why - Helps to prevent tunneling

2. Trim Wick - Trim wick to 1/4in before each burn to achieve ideal flame height.

     Why - This will ensure an even burn, reducing tunneling and improving the life of your candle.

3. Burn Time - Do not burn 9oz candle more than 5-6 hours and 3.5oz tin for 3-4 hours.

     Why - Doing so can affect the fragrance and decrease life of candle.

4. Stable Surface -Burn candle on a flat level surface for safety and longevity.

     Why - This will ensure an even burn, reduce tunneling and improve the life of your candle.

5. Proper Storage - Keep unlit candles in a secure, dark location with the lid securely in place.

     Why - This will prevent the suns UV light from discoloring the natural soy wax and preserve the fragrance.

6. Burn Environment - Keep burning candle aways from drafts and/or fans.

     Why - This will ensure an even burn and reduce chance of splashing.

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