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Family Picture In A Field


Kevin and I met in 2015, and have since gotten married, bought our forever home, and now have two beautiful children.

What most people don't know is that when Kevin and I met, he had just finished his last round of chemotherapy. On our fifth date, I asked Kevin to tell me something I didn't know, and he put it out there "I had cancer...."  He would spend the next seven years going through yearly scans and testing, and because of the type of cancer and treatment, was told he may not be able to have children.

 Although scary, this didn't change the progression of our relationship, rather framed the type of life we chose to live. We try use as many natural and organic food and household products as we can. We plant seasonal gardens, spend time outside, and prioritize family above all else. 

With this in mind, two years ago, we we started building 2sonscandleco with the vision of creating candles that are free of dyes, additives, and harmful chemicals. We have spent countless hours trying to perfect our process using only the purest, safest ingredients to create high quality candles.

We are excited to finally launch 2sonscandleco and share our product line with you and your family. Thank you for supporting our family business!


Kevin and Megan 



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