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  • Kevin Tevens

Capturing The Essence of Autumn In A Candle: A Deeper Dive Into The Scents Of Our Fall Collection

As the leaves begin to change and you notice that first crisp breeze in the air there's nothing like the smell of a Fall candle burning inside to complete the mood. That is why we are excited to bring back three popular scents from last year as well as adding a fourth that we think rounds out the collection perfectly.

Flannel blanket with chai latte and book on fall leaves

Pumpkin Patch:

To start our journey lets begin with our newest addition. The inspiration for this candle came from a local visit to one of our favorite farms. With a wagon ride through the woods and ending up in a open field full of pumpkins we knew this would be great to capture in a candle.

Mood board for Pumpkin Patch scent to include nutmeg, pumpkin, oak and vanilla

Nutmeg: brings a spice and woody undertone to the top notes

Pumpkin: the essence of this scent, brings a sweet and warm comforting feeling

Oak: the character in this scent bringing woody and smoky scents

Vanilla: our base note, this rounds out the candle and leaves your room smelling of familiar vanilla and caramel

Fire 'n Flannel:

A pleasant surprise, imagine sitting by an evening bonfire in the crisp cool

autumn air and your loved one hands you the most perfect smore ever made.

Mood board for Fire 'n Flannel scent to include roasted marshmallow, oak leaves, fire, and flannel

Roasted Marshmallow: kicking off the scent journey with a sweet and delicious treat

Oak: the heart of this candle, adds the smoky and woody smell to this fragrance

Patchouli: rounds out the scent providing and earthy and powder undertone

Rustic Retreat:

Reminiscent of a secluded cabin and a crackling fire cozied up with plush blankets. Sweet and smooth feeling with some of the most recognized Fall scents.

Mood board for Rustic Retreat scent to include a cabin in the woods, bourbon, apples and maple leaves

Apples: immediately energizes this scent with the crisp and delicious scent of freshly picked apples

Butter: rich and creamy middle note to help carry the crisp apple to the warm and spicy base notes

Bourbon: provides complexity and gourmand notes to round out the scent profile

Maple: perfect way to end the journey and fill your room with the sweet and comforting scent of maple

Fall In A Cup:

For all you PSL lovers this one is for you. Wherever you prefer to enjoy your favorite fall drink this candle will be sure to take you there.

Mood board for Fall In A Cup scent to include pumpkins, chai latte, cinnamon and cardamom

Pumpkin: starting the fragrance with the earthy and comforting scent of pumpkin

Clove: brings spiciness early one and carries a woody undertone

Cinnamon: distinct and highly aromatic scent that is recognizable as a stable Fall scent

Cardamom: finishes the profile and leaves your room smelling spicey, sweet and somewhat exotic

From a crisp day spent at the Pumpkin Patch to the indulgent delight of curling up on the patio with a steaming cup of pumpkin chai, we've carefully crafted our scents to encapsulate the spirit of the season.

Perhaps you're yearning for a retreat to that cherished cabin nestled in the woods, where you can witness the leaves transform into a kaleidoscope of colors while you roast marshmallows to perfection, ready for s'mores by the fire. No matter your autumnal daydream, our scents are here to turn those visions into a fragrant reality.




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