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Memorable Candle Safety Tips

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Always Keep an Eye on the Flame

- Never leave a burning candle unattended, even for a moment. It is important to be attentive while your candle is lit.

Burn in a Safe Area

- Always make sure to burn your candle on a heat resistant surface. Our 9oz candles come with extra glass on the bottom to alleviate heat transfer and our tins have small "feet" on the bottom as well as a barrier between the warm container and any surface it is on. These are some of the reasons why we choose those containers but it is still important to make sure the surface can handle excess heat.

- Make sure the candle is not under or near something flammable object such as a curtain, wood shelf, coat rack or anything that will easily catch fire.

- Ensure where the candle is placed is out of the reach of little ones as well as pets.

Cut Your Wick Before Each Burn

- No matter the size of the candle you are about to light, the wick should be trimmed to about 1/4 inch. Trimming the wick removes any excess material that hasn't had time to burn off. If you light a candle with an untrimmed wick the flame will burn higher and may produce more soot and will decrease the burn time of your candle. Ideal flame height is about 1 inch however if it is any lower, it may have trouble melting the wax completely which will make it harder to smell the candle in a large room.

Do not Handle when in Use

- Never pick up or try and move a candle while it is burning or the wax still melted. Due to the nature of the burning candle, the glass or tin container will get warm and may cause you to drop the candle potentially causing a fire.

- Moving a candle while the wax is melted will also cause the wax to unevenly distribute along the top which will affect the melt performance for subsequent burns.

Extinguish Safely

- We include lids for all of our candles and prefer you use them to extinguish your candle by covering the container itself and ridding the candle of its oxygen source.

- Use a candle snuffer if you have one to safely extinguish the flame. We realize these are less common which is why we chose containers with lids.

- Do not blow out the flame too hard or pour water on it. Both could cause the hot wax to spill.

That's it, hopefully you find these tips memorable and help to improve your candle safety!

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Warning label for 3.5oz tin candle
3.5oz Tin Warning Label

All of our candles come with warning labels on the bottom of the container while our wax melts have warning labels on the inside of the lid. Please be sure to read the warnings before using any products as they are tailored to each specific product.

Warning label for 9oz candle
9oz Warning Label

Warning label for wax melt
Wax Melt Warning Label

Thank you!


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