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Sustainability is something we strive for everyday, in our personal lives and with our business. We may not have much impact on the environment as a whole being a small company, but we see it as playing our part to better our world. Where we can, we try to incorporate sustainable and reusable/repurposable products and materials.

This can seen in the choice of our 9oz candle jars and 3.5oz candle tins. A few factors went into choosing these containers such as size, shape, design and safety features. We also chose these containers due to the fact that they can be either recycled or repurposed after your candle has burned down. We even gave some of our favorite ideas in this blog post. 

You can also see the care we have for our environment in the way we pack our products. You will notice each order comes with a '*Packing Peanuts*' card. This card is included with each order and is meant to educate our customers on our biodegradable starch based packing peanuts. These peanuts are great for securing and protecting the contents of the package but they are made from organic starch based potatoes and will dissolve in water with zero impact to the planet!

Lastly we even went a step further to find packing tape that is 100% biodegradeable and eco-friendly. Once the cardboard box is recycled, the tape will break down and be safe for the environment. We also select packaging and shipping material that can be recycled and reused. 

It may be small impact we have, but it is not meaningless. We truly want to leave this beautiful planet better than we found it for the next generation.

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